These pages contain (or will eventually) pictures taken during my several stays on Ascension.

I was on Ascension from April 1966 till September 1968, then from July 72 to July 74, July 76 to Dec 77, for six months in 1981 , can't remember the exact dates, and then from Dec 1992 until November 1996.

During 1995 the Island was visited by some of the veterans of the 38th Engineer Combat Regiment, who built the airstrip in 1942.  As a member of the Island Heritage society, I was privileged to help in showing these men the Island sights.  I also took the opportunity to take a few photographs of their visit.  These are included in the following pages.

Please note, these are relatively large files, if you are using a dial-up modem download times may be excessive.

As time permits I hope to add other pictures to this collection.

Phil Brooks


Click here for pictures of the 38th Engineer Combat Regiment veteran's visit to Ascension

Click here for a tour  of the Island

Anyone for a round of golf?

The following pages are of a technical nature and are perhaps only of interest to anyone who worked for BBC engineering.  You have been warned!  If you find them boring, I'm only partly to blame, you should have got out while you could.


The next two pages are versions of the draft of an article about Ascension written for Martin Ellen's website, detailing the history of BBC engineering 

Memories of Ascension (Only suitable for broadband)

Memories of Ascension  (text only) 


Links:  Here are a few sites worth looking at. of interesting pictures of the 1966-7 period, plus some fascinating historical photographs  An absolute "must see" for anyone with an interest in Ascension, St Helena and Tristan.  Masses of material, including a complete copy of Mrs Gill's "Six Months in Ascension".  Don't miss it. enthusiast's collection of pages dedicated to remote islands.


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