These are a selection of photographs of some of the sights of Ascension.  Except where indicated they were taken in the period 1992 to 1996.

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1.     The Airstrip from the road to Devil's Ashpit 2.     Ascension from the sea
3.     Bosun Bird Island from the sea 4.     Comfortless Cove
5.     Coronation peak, the Saddle and a water catchment 6.     English Bay, Broken Tooth and North East Bay
7.     Garden Cottage from Rock Cottage, 1972 8.     Georgetown from Cross Hill
9.     Georgetown, Exiles Club 10.    Georgetown, Hospital
11.    Georgetown, Hospital from Fort Hayes

12.    Georgetown, Main street

13.    Georgetown, Pierhead from Fort Thornton 14.    Georgetown, St. Mary's Church
15.    Green Mountain from Mars Bay

16.    Letterbox and Devil's Inkstain from Devil's Ashpit

17.    Misty morning, June 1994 18.    The Norfolk Pines from Breakneck Valley
19.    One Boat golf club, clubhouse 20.    Dark Slope Crater from Devil's Ashpit road
21.    Rainbow over Butt Crater 22.    Rock cottage 1972
23.    Sisters Peak and Green Mountain from Clarence Bay 24.    Sisters and N.E. Bay from Rupert's path
25.    Weatherpost and White Horse from Palmer's 26.    White Horse Hill & Spire Rock from the sea
27.    Two Boats from Sisters 28.     The Klinka Klub (Two images)
29.     H.M. Prison, Georgetown 30.     Two Boats Club, The pool
31.     Georgetown, the Islander building 32.     Residency & Two Boats from the dewpond track
33.     Hannay Beach and the blowhole

34.     Long Beach from Governor's lodge

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